About the OSSI

OSSI stands for "Operational Service Status Indicator". The OSSI provides users with an near real-time view of the status of the operational services provided by EUMETSAT. The information provided is based on the status of the each processed Repeat Cycle, Slot or Product Dissemination Unit (PDU). Level 1 provides the aggregated top-level view, Level 2 a Product Group Overview and Level 3 a detailed view per individual Product Group (a group of products associated with a service) e.g. IASI Sounding Products, Meteosat Meteorological Products, etc. Level 4 provides the most detailed view at individual Repeat Cycle, Slot or PDU level and can display any channels, segments or products that are considered to be missing or late.

The OSSI reports are based upon an end-to-end monitoring system and as such, these reports are generated only once the product processing and dissemination sequence is complete and the full timeliness/availability information is known. OSSI web pages are refreshed automatically (once every 60 seconds) with the latest available monitoring information.

Using the OSSI

To drill down to view the next level of the OSSI, select a service from the display panel on the left of the screen. Move the cursor over the indicator icon to display the completeness and timeliness values for each Product Group. Additionally individual icons can be clicked to drill down to the next level.

EUMETCast Daily Logs

The OSSI is complemented by a Daily Log service on EUMETCast. Daily Logs provide monitoring information on many of the EUMETCast data streams, including third-party data streams. Each Daily Log contains a list of files disseminated on EUMETCast over the previous 24-hour period and provides the user with an indication of the successful/unsuccessful dissemination of products. For full details on how to utilise the Daily Logs, see the Daily Log User Guide.